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Wind Chime
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Gregorian Baritone Windchimes Gregorian Baritone Windchimes

The Gregorian Baritone Windchimes are tuned to a medieval scale. These chimes echo the vocal music of the gothic era, sung to accompany meditation in European churches since the late 8th century.

Landing Duck Windchime Landing Duck Windchime

The Duck Windchime is professionally tuned and includes the copper figure and copper tube chimes, wooden clapper, and a heavy duty nylon stringer.

Large Garden Bells Windchimes Large Garden Bells Windchimes

Musical sculptures for the garden, our Garden Bells are adapted from an original design by artist/musician Ron Snider. The special coin set in the weather-resistant GardenStoneý base insures that you are getting the Original Woodstock Garden Bells and their superior craftsmanship and sound.

Chimes of Bach III Chimes of Bach III

Shown is a set of three Chimes. Each Chime is sold separately. The Chimes of Bach III are a wonderful way to enjoy a relaxing time outside. Each chime is tuned to one of the first three chords of J.S. Bach's 'Prelude in C'.

Tudor Rose Windchimes - Duchess Tudor Rose Windchimes - Duchess

Our Tudor Rose Windchimes - Duchess are tuned to the Aeolian Mode, a popular mode for romantic music during the Tudor family reign. These chimes are an elegantly relaxing addition to your home's décor.

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Blue Heron Windchime
Blue Heron Windchime

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