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Greenwich Armillary Sundial Greenwich Armillary Sundial

Reproduced from English garden originals, this verdigris finished aluminum, copper and brass sundial is sure to please. The base features the zodiac symbols surrounding a brass sunburst medallion. Holding on to the meridian ring (large outer ring) are two angels. Inside the brass band are Roman numerals for the hour and the phases of the moon. The outer band contains Latin text and Greek symbols. The most ornate example we have seen. A true masterpiece!

Smithsonian Armillary Sundial Smithsonian Armillary Sundial

The Smithsonian Armillary Sundial, showing the image of Atlas supporting the heavens, is based on an illustration found in a book written by the German astronomer Johannes Schoner (1477-1547). The book itself is housed in the Smithsonian Institution's Dibner Library. Atlas is cast in bronze and rests on a cast aluminum base. The sphere is made of copper, brass, aluminum and steel.

Roman Sundial - Polished Brass Roman Sundial - Polished Brass

A popular reproduction with timeless beauty and inscriptions. At the lower point of the gnomon there is an hourglass with wings signifying that time flies. Inscription: "GROW OLD ALONG WITH ME THE BEST IS YET TO BE."

Swan Sundial Swan Sundial

This stunning design is based on the Art Nouveau tile, "Swans and Iris," by 19th century British artist, Walter Crane.

Sailboat Sundial Birdbath - VG Sailboat Sundial Birdbath - VG

Sail away with this wonderful Sailboat Sundial/Birdbath! With this sundial/birdbath you can watch your two favorite things - birds and sailboats - all at the same time. (Weathered bronze version is shown)

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