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Bird Feeder
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The Dojo Feeder The Dojo Feeder

Tranquility, reverence, and humility were the design goals of this stunning feeder. The intricately cut Dojo is made entirely of cypress and holds a large high quality Plexiglas cylinder for seed. The finial lifts off for refilling. Stained mustard with a glazed terra cotta colored roof. Includes bottom brackets. 16 3/4" square x 29 1/2" tall.

The Cambridge Lower-to-Fill Bird Feeder The Cambridge Lower-to-Fill Bird Feeder

This feeder is for a truly discriminating buyer searching for a unique, high quality garden accent . The finest materials and outstanding design make this feeder the perfect compliment for the yard or garden. The CAMBRIDGE lower-to-fill Bird Feeder like the Estate, allows you to lower the feeder barrel to the most convenient height for refilling by the ease of a counterbalance which only requires t he slight touch of your finger. The CAMBRIDGE holds 17 pounds of seed. With natural branch-like perches at each of its 8 seed ports, this two-level feeder can accommodate over a dozen ground-feeding birds at the same time. Built-in seed baffle assures the even flow of seeds to each post. With the copper squirrel guard and exclusive Squirrel Slipper invention, these furry thieves cannot cut in on a meal! Made of sturdy oiled cedar with polycarbonate panels that hold the seed ports in place. A solid copper roof and brass finial add a touch of elegance.

Bird-Vu Wireless Audio/Video Bird Feeding Station Bird-Vu Wireless Audio/Video Bird Feeding Station

Up until now, birders have had to rely on binoculars to get a detailed view of the birds at their feeder (and go without the sounds of the birds feeding activities). Bird-Vu" changes the way we enjoy these backyard feeding activities, making birding a personal encounter with nature. This feeding system has a built-in color video camera, microphone and wireless transmitter. By simply installing the supplied receiver to your home TV you will be able to watch and listen to the feeding activities, up-close and personal. Able to transmit the audio and video signal up to 300 feet through walls, trees and brush, the decorative feeding station is completely weatherproof, holds up to two pounds of seed and is easy to install. An accessory archway is provided so you can hang a suet block or hummingbird feeder to expand your viewing enjoyment. The system can be installed directly into your VCR so you can make your own bird movies. The Bird-Vu was developed by Nature Vision, Inc., a leader in outdoor video viewing systems with more than 12 years of experience in video system design. The Bird-Vu uses only UL, CSA approved components and is FCC approved. A clear acrylic support archway is provided to hang suet blocks, seed bell or hummingbird feeders, thus expanding the fun and enjoyment of Bird-Vu."

Fountain Bird Feeder Fountain Bird Feeder

The Fountain Bird Feeder offers a unique design that will atract birds to your yard. Individually handcrafted for a lifetime of enjoyment, this bird feeder mounts directly on a 4 x 4 post. The bird feeder is constructed of select cypress wood, which is one of the best outdoor woods. The roof is made of copper, and is removeable for easy cleaning.

Victorian Home Bird Feeder Victorian Home Bird Feeder

Made of rugged ceramic white clay, the Victorian Home Birdfeeder opens for simple cleaning and pampers its guest with a unique baffle system that actually pushes seeds downward. But most amazing is its realistic reproduction of the romantic Queen Anne style popular in the 1870's and 80s. Meticulous hand painting and exact historical detailing give it a remarkably lifelike feel. You'll wish you were 3" tall.

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